to China Mall

China Mall is currently South Africa’s largest comprehensive merchandise wholesale centre with the best business performance.

China Mall is situated next to Johannesburg’s core wholesale zone for large goods, surrounded closely by various large wholesale markets. The client geographic scope covers the entire South Africa and even Southern Africa. It is a large wholesale mall with the best business performance and the highest client volume in South Africa, conducting retail businesses simultaneously; Retail clients consists of various large, medium and small wholesalers, and include all ethnic groups; the monthly client volume is on average 1.8 million people.

China Mall has an advantageous geographical location and convenient transportations. The mall is situated next to the M1/M2 highway exits, besides Gauteng’s main road R41, which makes transport highly convenient due to busy traffic volumes and easy access to various areas.

It is a large Chinese mall with the best business performance: the mall occupies 120 thousand square meters of land, has nearly 2000 parking bays, with green environment, modernised architecture style, and the shops’ actual surface areas reach 40 thousand square meters.

The merchandise structure mainly consists of small items, also covering various goods such as clothing, shoes , luggage, household appliances, cell phones, cell phone accessories, furniture, home textiles, hardware tools, decorative materials, lightings, kitchen and bathroom products, etc. The mall is a comprehensive product of wholesale and retail centre known as the small Yiwu in South Africa. The products’ qualities improve with time and steadily grow towards middle and high end products. China Mall also has a large food court zone and a residential apartment zone.