FRONT LADY IN PINK;Director General of the Department of Commerce of Jilin Province the honorable Mrs Xongxia Cong To her left at the back ;Mr Lei Zhigang is the First Secretary in the Economic and Commercial Councellors Office from the Embassy of the P.R.China in South Africa Counellor Willie Van Der Schyff is the Chairman of the section 79 Oversight Committee of the Department of Economic Development of South Africa.

MR Robin Xu was the host of the Summit and he is the Director of the China Mall Group

The summit was attended by 22 Chinese import and export companies from the Republic of China’s Province of Jilin with products ranging from automobile pumps to brake pads to exhausts all manufactured in Jilin province .FAW in China and South Africa was present as they also manufacture and export cars and parts.The range of products also extended to the pharmaceutical industry with products such as Ginsing and other minerals and business relationships were established on various levels at the meetings.

Jilin province is also rich in shale oil and various companies in the import and export of crude and fuel oils were present from both sides.Jilin province also exports corn and grain harvests and related by products and various South African companies showed interest to establish trade relations.

The Chinese Embassy in South Africa was represented by Mr Lei Zhigang he is the First Secretary in the Economic and Commercial Councellors Office from the Embassy of the P.R.China in South Africa

There were various high ranking officials from the Jilin Province and the delegation was led by Mrs Xongxia Cong who is the Director General of the department of commerce of Jilin Province

South Africa was represented by Councellor Willie Van Der Scyff who is the Chairman of the Section 79 Oversight Committee in the Department of Economic Development and also a member of the Johannesburg Muncipality.There were about 100 decision makers from various South African companies in attendance to establish trade relations and investment in emerging markets with China as our biggest trade partners.

The China Mall Group of companies being China Mall in Amalgam and China Mall West in Roodepoort as well as China Mall Durban hosted the event with a view to establishing working trade relationships between the South African Entrepeneur and their Chinese counterparts.

A permanent Exhibition Centre called Jilin -South Africa Exhibition Centre has been set up at China Mall West at shop A37 for intersted parties to visit and make trade enquiries.The day was a great success






Johannesburg’s first CAR BOOTSALE – posted 10/03/2014


Johannesburg’s first CAR BOOTSALE,will be held every Sunday,9am – 4pm, starting on 30th March 2014 at China Mall West Lifestyle Centre (previously Highgate Shopping Centre). Gates open to people wanting to sell their unwanted goods a t 08h15 and to bargain hunters at 9am.

For those who don’t know what a Car Boot Sale is – the term refers to the selling of items from a car’s boot and it’s the best way for members of the public to dispose of their unwanted goods. Most of the goods on sale are used personal possessions, but there is not going to be a restriction on what people may sell. Car boot sales are a way of attracting a large group of people in one place to recycle useful but unwanted domestic items that otherwise might have been thrown away.

Items for sale are extremely varied, including for example;old books and CDs, crockery, cutlery, used and vintage clothing and hats, costume jewellery, vases and china ornaments, tools and garden implements, textiles – table linens, blankets, small embroideries, small furniture – chairs, occasional tables, small chests of drawers, collectibles and some antiques.

In South Africa people rarely have garage/yard sales anymore, because of the risk to their safety, so most of us now have so much stuff in our garages that we can hardly put our cars in any more. Now people who have had a clear out, or those who need to raise a bit of cash, can bring their unwanted goods to sell – it’s like a yard sales on steroids. If looking for treasures amid other people’s junk is your thing, you will love a day at the car boot sale.

What’s the Difference Between a Car Boot Sale and a Flea Market?:Unlike flea markets, which are usually populated by professional traders s

elling cheap new goods, the idea behind a car boot sale is that ordinary people pay a small fee, currently onlyR20 (entry to the general public is free),for a pitch big enough for a car, so that they can dispose of their unwanted goods. They spend the day selling whatever they’ve been able to pack into their vehicles. People usually bring folding tables, a blanketor plastic sheeting to set out their wares, but you can sell right out of the boot of your car.  Traders who wish to sell new goods may be permitted to do so, but they will have to negotiate with the organisers as boot salesare really for members of the public to dispose of unwanted used items.

People who enjoy attending jumble sales or antique fairs will love the car boot sale. and they are particularly good for the kinds of collectibles that are treasures to some and rubbish to others – old vinyl records, magazines and comic books for example. If it’s the sort of thing your Gran might clear out of the attic without appreciating its value – you might (and I emphasize might) find it at the car boot sale.

How to Find a Treasure:Show up really early. Antique dealers and collectibles traders show up as soon as the gates open, looking for things they can resell for a profit. If they spot a promising looking car being unloaded, they’ll be there, buying all the be

 And one more tip – if you see something you absolutely, positively can’t live without, try to strike a deal over it right away. Otherwise, be prepared to lose it because chances are, it won’t be there when you come back for a second stuff before the seller has even unpacked her goods. If you want to have a chance at finding something special, you have to beat them at their game. Show up early and don’t be shy about reaching in to still packed boxes, in still loaded car boots. Just be prepared to have your head chopped off if you are too aggressive. Don’t be shy about bargaining either. No one expects you to pay the first asking price or the marked price without a bit of a haggle. The best prices can be had at the end of the day when the sellers are packing up to leave.

Some people selling at car bootsales are wolves in sheep’s clothing. You think you’ve found a valuable Royal Crown Derby figurine and the sweet housewifely lady who is selling it hasn’t a clue about its value. That’s why she’s willing to part with it for virtually pennies. “It was just part of some cartons full of junk in my gran’s attic,” she assures you – just a dust collector as far as she’s concerned. Don’t kid yourself. She probably has two dozen knock-offs, exactly the same, in the boot of her car!


The Freedom Sidewalk Sale – posted 10/03/2014

Freedom-SidewalkThe Freedom Sidewalk Sale is in honor of 20 years of democracy  we can celebrate in South Africa …..The sale will be on from 28 March to 28 April and you will be able to get up to as much as 20% of on marked down sale goods from the participating shops.The sidewalk sale will also be for those people who want to buy in bulk as we will also be doing wholesale selling such as ;

Shop b136 SARA CURTAINS will be having a wholesale sales price for the wide range of carpets they have .Handcrafted carpets will be on sale with prices ranging from R900-R1800,The Hidsid

Range sell from R200-R450 and polyester carpets will be selling at R900-R1800.So get some bargain carpets to ward off the winter chill while stocks last….


The Freedom Sidewalk Sale is also your opportunity to cash in on the promotional specials to get Exclusive Wooden Bedroom sets made in South Africa for reasonable prices.

Some very good news for the housewives looking for any specials is that our grocer Hypermeat will be having a MASSIVE DISCOUNT SALE on anything from groceries to toys to car cleaning equipment so pop in for some HOT BARGAINS.Winter clothing and accessories will also be on sale for the whole family .

There will be further updates on some of our special prices for the FREEDOM SIDEWALK SALE so watch this space……




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