It is the Buddha’s Birthday and Mother’s Day as well on 12 May 2019. In the early morning of 11 May 2019,Devotees and members of NanHua Temple began the annual ceremony of Bathing the Buddha in China Mall.Nan Hua Temple Abbot, Venerable Yi Chun, lead the service by starting a dignified and respectful Dharma service.In the always busy China mall, lots of customers was attending the ceremony by bathing the Buddha statue to purify their body and mind and strengthen their wisdom and compassion.Everybody also pray for mothers in front of the Buddha Statues, hope her free from suffering and attachment and attain enlightenment. After the vow was made in front of the statue of small prince,everybody was given a Chinese pantry,on top of which was a note with the three exercises-to keep good heart,say good words,and do good things,additionally one should purify the mind and so create an harmonious society.

Promise to purify our hearts

Mother and kid bathing the buddha statue together

Director of China Mall,Mr Robin Xu, attended the ceremony

Bathing Buddha with the little hand

Remember to keep good heart, say good words,and do good things!

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