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C/O Main Reef & Production Rd,

Amalgam, Jhb

Mon – Sat 8:30 – 17:00

Sun & Holidays 8:30 -17:00

011 830 1588

100 000m² Total Area

40 000m² Trade Area

500 Shops

2 000 Parking Bays

10+ Restaurants

Welcome To China Mall Johannesburg

China Mall is situated next to Johannesburg’s core wholesale zone for large goods, surrounded closely by various large wholesale markets. The client geographic scope covers the entire South Africa and even Southern Africa.

It is a large wholesale mall with the best business performance and the highest client volume in South Africa, conducting retail businesses simultaneously; the monthly client volume is on average 1,800,000 people.

China Mall has advantageous geographical location and convenient transportations. The mall is situated next to the M1/M2 highway exits, besides Gauteng’s main road R41, which makes transport highly convenient due to busy traffic volumes and easy access to various areas.

It is a large Chinese mall with the best business performance: the mall occupies 100 000 m² of land, has nearly 2000 parking bays, with green environment, modernized architecture style, and the shops’ actual surface areas reach 30 000m².

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Shop No Shop NameMain Product Contact
A groud floor a138-140Sasa cash&carryAccessories0118302990
A first floor a280-1S.m cellularAccessories0744491257
A first floor a268XipAccessories0626050505
A first floor a262-263Smart shopAccessories0621902955
B first floor b207-208Accessories worldAccessories 0848720736
B first floor b176AttractionAdult shop0747887888
A first floor a287Colourful ToysBaby stuff 0765575586
A groud floor a111EllimoblaniadBags0847533497
A groud floor a114-117BellaBags0833605546
A groud floor a124bSusenBags0118301005
A groud floor a128V.s.r Trading Bags0763189963
A first floor a278Bag KingsBags0825742621
B first floor b177-178A&EBags0623891587
B first floor b192bHussain bagsBags0622783867
C groud floor c96aEricBags0729507705
C first floor c247Maryams bagsBags0118300882
C groud floor c79bHand bagsBags 0748334957
A first floor a280-2Fastion pointBags0840432526
D First floor d420-423Johannes BagBags,purse and suitcase0738684585
A first floor a281Beads&joysBeads0721018995
B first floor b173Haha toysToys0842727703
A first floor a257BikerxproBiker protectionware0110267800
A first floor a256 perfect homeBloom pott0635600800
B first floor b174bNihal generarr tradingBoby toys0624756720
D first floor d416Zama zamaBody lotions0723430943
B first floor b175UnitedCaps0118375924
B groud floor b56Abc shopCar accessories0747263337
B first floor b161Auto zenCar accessories0118390268
B first floor b171-172Hical carpetCarpets0110397060
C groud floor c99Hilal carpet Carpet0828675569
D first floor d404S.r tradingCarpet&blankets0762234150
C groud floor c109HandwareCarpets0110216880
C first floor c232Bilali's tradingCarpets0826969774
C first floor c245DestinyCarpets0118392792
D groud floor d334Afritex Carpets0118301575
D first floor d387DeenasCarpets & curtain0846699748
C groud floor c108LovedayCctv07455855799
D first floor d385Rose starCctv & computer e.t.c0848832912
A groud floor a130Digital world Cctv &computers0840311779
B groud floor b54AnniCctv &light084208888
C groud floor c98DolphinCctv camera0740953333
D first floor d409-410Dally toysCctv camera0659072021
C first floor c246TronitekCctv camera0838209351
B first floor b203cRand world computerCctv computer0825008011
B groud floor b21Sinje technologyCctv&computers0723198517
D groud floor d318Lz import &emportCctv&e.t.c0118371274
D groud floor d316-317Lucy storeCctv&led lights0727755816
B groud floor b52T&fCctv&shockers0849692152
A groud floor a120Zr exclusive storeCellphone accessories0742901929
A groud floor a123 JaygogoCellphone accessories0118301149
A groud floor a148Sk cellularCellphone accessories0118300033
A groud floor a149Pk cellularCellphone accessories0118390951
A groud floor a152Super cellularCellphone accessories0118301643
A groud floor a153aRose star cellularCellphone accessories0795458786
A groud floor a154Klous whoslesCellphone accessories0619886688
A first floor a282Galaxy za waCellphone accessories0844787567
A first floor a280-4S.t. mobileCellphone accessories0627486722
B groud floor b13&14Z.r cellularCellphone accessories0118374009
B groud floor b31aKarachi cellularCellphone accessories0118375764
B groud floor b33bShamon trading amfahCellphone accessories0847701962
B groud floor b62Rock starCellphone accessories0118390583
B first floor b203aQL joziCellphone accessories0761026226
C groud floor c69bZ cellullarCellphone accessories0788691346
D groud floor d328Classic cellularCellphone accessories0118370022
B groud floor b08Party worldCellphones parts0118374191
B groud floor b10&11&12L&hCellphones parts0846335169
B groud floor b22N.b cellularCellphones parts0621886862
B groud floor b26Azf cellularCellpones & computer parts0746474394
D first floor d456As cellularCellpones accessories0847882985
D groud floor d354/322As tradingCellpones and computers0110488155
B groud floor b51Cell repairsCells repairs0766600017
B groud floor b55Hafiz jee cellponeCells repairs0730001012
C first floor c229 jk cellularCellular0640200443
C first floor c242Oric cellularCellular &computer0845412213
D first floor d380Beijing tong ren tangChinese medicine0629571719
E&f grould floor e01Luis supermarketChinese supermarket0747391539
B first floor b165-166Wang clothesChildren clothes0780293578
D first floor d390/d411Laser&beauty Clinic & baby shoes0110526611
A groud floor a118YqClothes0795240004
A first floor a260-261Home starClothes0832636491
B first floor b160bShree cothingClothing0840679095
B first floor b179-180Alex fashionClothing0735350241
B first floor b195-196 e sunnyClothing0743594886
B first floor b200Hanry clothingClothing0798859946
B first floor b205Style flick fashionClothing0729617779
C groud floor c79bHand bagsClothing0748334957
C groud floor c82LyhuaClothing0119302594
C groud floor c9090@Clothing &shoes shop0810406113
B groud floor b19&20Commodities0849048888
C first floor c218Kr technologiesComputer0118300039
C first floor c219Work togetherComputer0118301497
C groud floor c97AmercookCookware0624228468
B groud floor b46-48Tina beauty storeCosmetic0765221189
B first floor b212Tazz creationsCosmetics0118378342
A first floor a285Yihua ccCosmetics and glass0118301640
A groud floor a155-156Fantasy cash& carryCosmetics and jewelry0118301710
B groud floor b40SentationCothing0826956869
A groud floor a134bC.shopCurtains0620935714
A first floor a283Gag curtainsCurtains0736673608
A first floor a269Fukwwg curtainCurtains0110568883
B groud floor b02cEleganceCurtains0612779899
B groud floor b25Meems curtainCurtains0118378035
B first floor b174aAz curtains Curtains0110374832
B first floor b183Cyan curtainsCurtains0728383033
B first floor b190bFactory curtainsCurtains
B first floor b197-198World of curtainCurtains0843770192
B first floor b201aU&t curtainsCurtains0847770283
B first floor b201bElegant curtainsCurtains0728383033
B first floor b210Z&i curtainCurtains0110578354
B first floor b214New az curtainCurtains0747687580
C groud floor c91-92Design a curtainCurtains0110750352
C groud floor c93Z&i curtainsCurtains0110447405
C groud floor c304ShohilCurtains0110789502
C first floor c224Hafsa tradingCurtains0110401135
C first floor c228Curtains &uphol steryCurtains0849805164
C first floor c231ShaikhCurtains0844846837
C first floor c234aClassic curtainsCurtains0730704022
C first floor c239Dream homeCurtains0613010502
C first floor c240Smart curtainsCurtains0100130994
C first floor c243Curtains expressCurtains074350411
C first floor c244X clusive curtainsCurtains0845794398
C first floor c249Khan tradersCurtains0110239417
C first floor c250 Vnique curtainsCurtains0743476172
D groud floor d340-341-342DeenasCurtains0846699748
D groud floor d343Z&i curtainsCurtains0110572469
C groud floor c67aSmart phoneCurtains shop0118300557
C groud floor c69aSurti curtainCurtains shop0748340168
C groud floor c70Curtain kingCurtains shop0110767982
C groud floor c78Raza curtainsCurtains shop0620304575
B first floor b188Echo clothesDress0849954555
B groud floor b01Lighting and electricElectrical0813680704
B first floor b305Iqbal electricalElectrical0620749483
B first floor b163BofwiElectrical0118378257
B first floor b191True south electricalElectrical0749986473
B groud floor b58Lucky starElectrical stuff0118301616
B groud floor b64Ejc traderElectrical stuff0845858888
D groud floor d358Pak applicancesElectrones shop0110670113
C groud floor c100Feirong da tradingElectronics0739022180
B groud floor b32La-paradiesExcusive wear0624765218
C groud floor c105D&hFashion jewellery0628348553
B groud floor b29Long benefitFishing stuff & toys0761038219
D first floor d413-415Long benefitFishing stuff & toys0740214499
B groud floor b33aExtraeme repaire accessoriescellphone repair0623573128
C groud floor c106Ying flowerFlower0110392679
E&f grould floor f01Tian-tianFood0614393003
E&f grould floor f04-05Andy's kitchenFood0797839988
E&f grould floor f08Chinese take awayFood chinese food0769494358
E&f grould floor f07Loshni's fast foodFood indian & african food0845641405
E&f grould floor f06Ezzy fast foodFood indian & chinese food0110256875
E&f grould floor f09Al whaid take awayFood indian & pakistan food0760123121
E&f grould floor f10Khawaja garib nawazFood indian & pakistan food0844113766
E&f grould floor f02Super halalFood indian food0745118557
B groud floor b302Wtra ideal funitureFuniture and linen0842622394
B groud floor b02bEleganceFurniture0110501100
D first floor d419Mr decoFurniture0817705403
D groud floor d315Bakkiya traderFurniture & kitchen0623381537
D groud floor d321Dream houseFurniture shop0825951917
D groud floor d320JaacFurniture shop0824423488
D groud floor d319Dream houseFurniture shop0832688863
E&f grould floor e04Great orient furnitureFurnitures0643642972
D first floor d389Lepon zoneGas gun0748300988
B groud floor b28Sana supermarketGroceries0742349187
A first floor a270-271Femi studioHair 0726439563
C groud floor c88aElla&queenHair pieces0813016400
D first floor d420Johannes bagHand bags0738684585
B groud floor b57Nehemiah tradingHandbags & mens jeans0842770093
C groud floor c75Bag &walleryHandbags& wallet0749949999
A groud floor a150-151Fang's furniture &hardwareHardaware0118301299
E&f grould floor e02Dali hardwareHardware0813680704
B groud floor b65Decoman warehouseHardware and bathroom
B groud floor b34Mellow cash& carryHardware and kitchen 0823027713
C first floor c230Shifang tradingHat,scarf,gloves,party0846893147
D first floor d459Unites hats&capHats&cats0118378924
A first floor a280-6Home applianceHome appliance0832677880
A first floor a280-3Hasu home decorHome decor0626324653
A first floor a274-275Everest traderHomware, party stuff08135338225
A first floor a280Much betterHouse makeup0832677880
B groud floor b06Shisha cand Huble stuffs0608601950
C first floor c216Mantra loungeIncense candles0118379717
A groud floor a110bMoonbasaJewellery0742971429
D first floor d399Sasa Jewellery0110295036
A first floor a288Un jewelryJewelry0823838168
B groud floor b05JewelryJewelry0765757818
B groud floor b09Jenny's jewelryJewelry0721817075
B groud floor b27ViennoisJewelry0720470011
B groud floor b38Total luckyJewelry0738193939
B groud floor b15&16 aJewelryJewelry&baby clothes0767773058
A groud floor a136 KitchenwareKitchen home decor0118379360
B groud floor b60Top storeKitchen stuff0844850953
C first floor c217MaharaniKitchen ware0118378999
D first floor d403Finex kitchenKitchen ware0731399690
A groud floor a110aKitchenwareKitchenware0611631121
C first floor c237Southern homeware supplyKitchenware0118390335
B groud floor b23Well feilingLadies clothings0746376980
B groud floor b42a Connte fashionLadies clothings0748566481
B groud floor b42bStyleficekLadies clothings0729617779
B groud floor b50E-ssunnyLadies clothings0743594886
B groud floor b53StyledLadies clothings0845032130
C groud floor c102 Well feelingLadies clothings0840254294
D first floor d381-382Wing girlLadies clothings0118396011
D first floor d383-384BonaicinsLadies clothings0118302810
B first floor b192aLunashoes0643871972
B groud floor b30Bag shop bags0848523583
B groud floor b31bShahinabags
C first floor c248Chloe'sLadys clothes0810406113
D first floor d412Laptop serviceLaptop service0110282646
A first floor a291-290Chungwa sa tradingLed light and tv0843981816
C groud floor c308Dr lightLight0118396020
C groud floor c94DfzjLighting &hardware0789863963
A groud floor a157-158DezjLighting & hardware0789863963
C groud floor c77Bd naviLights0118300901
B groud floor b07SusuLights & shockers0847666673
B first floor b169-170Simbow collectionLinen & bedding0118303962
B groud floor b39Buck wholesaleLinen and curtains0731080530
B groud floor b02aSaira's linenLinen shop0749379938
D groud floor d333HumasLinen shop0613849425
D groud floor d350Cotton bouykuLinen shop0730461124
D groud floor d323BedingsLinen shop0769108833
D groud floor d314-313Colorful lifeLinen shop0765788888
B first floor b215HotmondgamyLingerie0824101132
A groud floor a144-147More &more cash and carryMake-up,household0118378888
C first floor c222BlinggirlMake-up0745045757
C groud floor c72E-sunnyMen clothing0743594886
C groud floor c76Eic shopMen clothing0840327840
C first floor c241Dong'sMen suits0790170434
B groud floor b47Mohamed smart wearMen ware0812875855
B first floor b187Men's ware
B first floor b202Zac clasicMen ware0845557315
A groud floor a126Vigoss jeansMens clothes0118372510
B groud floor b17&18Zer shopMens suits 0847332151
B groud floor b35Mens suits &tiesMens suits &ties0766000315
C groud floor c73Super value traderMens wear0825990017
C groud floor c101Cool starMix product0844394748
A groud floor a134aParts worldMobile parts0118300391
D first floor d418Painting &mirrorPainting &mirror0836153935
A first floor a284JoyzuParty0763188885
E&f grould floor e03Tina factory storeParty & cosmetic0765221189
B groud floor b15&16 bToysParty & toys0625388192
A first floor a292/293/307Home starParty flowers kitcen0118370968
C first floor c235Party gift &toys shopParty gift0836153935
A first floor a264-265Boris partyParty stuff0110243330
D groud floor d338-339IvyParty stuff0742492285
D groud floor d344/d327Fany partyParty stuff0782112121
D groud floor d325-326Better choiceParty stuff0118300052
B groud floor b3&4 party&giftParty stuffs0847197781
B first floor b185-186Happy winner partyParty stuffs0616351357
C groud floor c107EpiliteParty stuffs0620239060
C first floor c226EqoleParty stuffs0846810222
C first floor c252Susu party shopParty stuffs0847666673
C groud floor c80Party &giftParty&toys0748566279
A groud floora141-142Qinghen partysPartys0647505726
C groud floor c96bZooParty stuff0743217035
C first floor c238Party clubParty stuff0789998888
C groud floor c71Perfume shopPerfumes0813059907
C groud floor c79aKnb perfumesPerfumes0836382216
D groud floor d351Dalia noirPerfumes0614770728
B groud floor b45Brothers cosmeticsPerfumes &cosmetics0749495741
B first floor b192cAbbi shopPerfumes &cosmetics0749020990
E&f grould floor f03Dehli deliciousPie shop0118571683
B first floor b181-182Silk roadScarf shop0747041733
B groud floor b44Happy whoesaceShockers & scarf0844765888
A groud floor a153bLivia shoes barShoes0737772241
C groud floor c95Wo-fashionShoes0118393311
C first floor c220ShoesShoes0822206978
A first floor a272-273AttractionSwimwear ,clothing0747887888
B first floor b159Nature technocitySmoking hublines0847337338
B first floor b203bFlavours candSmoking hublines0110261661
C first floor c306Tobacco nilleSmoking hublines0738221139
B first floor b190aUbba sportsSoccer sport0118300801
B first floor b209Games plusSoccer stuffs0118301122
C first floor c254E. Cathen tradigSolar system , led product0113696036
B first floor b160aUt sportsSports accessories0739309674
D groud floor d346Sport junctionSports stuff0840197510
C first floor c251Libra sportsSports ware0118300801
C groud floor c103Love daleSunglass0628693080
C first floor c227Trendy trendySunglass0792857743
D groud floor d336Da infinitySunglass0737577909
D first floor d458Fashion inspinbalTakish clothes0817523196
C first floor c225Brovo exclusiveTakish&italian clothes0744418679
C groud floor c88bQstritchTekish shoes0844554955
B groud floor b61Abdi shopTekkirs0788210171
A first floor a280-5Better toys agencyToys0845508330
B groud floor b24Smart shopToys shop0846954106
B groud floor b36Toy shopToys shop0761612996
D first floor d409-410Dally toysToys0659072021
A first floor a287Colourful toysToys0765575586
C groud floor c83Jida toys&cellcoverToys&cellphones cover0616656688
D first floor d388/d392UnifasionTraditiona clothes0731391805
C groud floor c303X bagsbags0729786211
C groud floor c67bAli handbagbags0788691346
B groud floor b63Hasiin bagsbags0724492036
B first floor b189IdeasUnderwear0822001188
D first floor d417Underware Underwear0849408866
A first floor a286Justin watchWatch & clock0118301460
C groud floor c86Andy's bridal wedding dress0845029796
A groud floor a112Echo'sWedding accessories0846810222
B first floor b193-194Js collectionWedding dress0118302520
D first floor d378Andy bridalWedding dress0845029796
D first floor d400-402Gz&aWedding dress0110397695
A groud floor a132Jane's shopWedding dress and evening dress0612280168
A groud floor a143Top bridalWedding dress and suit0620078270
D groud floor d345Imran tradingWedding stuff0742560773
D groud floor d347-349Roll priceWedding stuff0110541221
D groud floor d353Sajid hussan tradingWedding stuff0110682246
C groud floor c74Shining starWeding accessories0838668080
C groud floor c87Thank youWedding party&toys0747928448
D groud floor d324Cherys homeWedding stuff0614986971
D first floor d443Usbrd maryWork ware 0789101240
D first floor d386Wonder 4 deacs
A first floor a289EngnhasBathroom0610209605